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Reach out to thousands of people on the Passion Live website. Passion Live is a UK based online music station and has regular traffic from music lovers from all over the world. As we are an online music station our audience spans across many ages, but the majority of our listener's are between 18-45 and log onto to Passion Live because they are true fans of the music we play.


Target over 60,000 people in to dance music directly with our HTML eMailer and Newsletter service. We can use your existing eMail/Newsletter or one of our design team can create an HTML eMailer/Newsletters for you.


All banners that are featured on Passion Live will contain a link direct to your website/product. You can either send us your own artwork or have our design team create you the artwork. If you wish to send us your own artwork please ensure you send the compatible file types we require and the banners must fit the specified sizes in the size guide on this page.

Advetising on the website

Advertise on Passion LiveThere are lots of advertising opportunities for you to take advantage of including our LEADER BOARD REVOLVING BANNER which appears on all our pages and revolves a maximum of 5 adverts. It is at the top of the page so it gets a lot of attention from our listener's. The LEADER BOARD BANNER is the ONLY banner to feature on every page of the Passion Live website.

If you are organinsing an event then you can make the most of our HOME PAGE BANNER. This only appears on the home page but it's positioning ensures that everyone who logs onto Passion Live will see it every time.

For everyone else we have the HOME PAGE BANNER. The positioning of this banner is also great because it appears next to our social networking feeds, pod casts and our Top 10 tracks of the month and for this reason will get a lot of views too.

Our RIGHTHAND BANNER appears on all pages (apart from DJ PROFILES page). This banner is perfect if you want as much exposure as possible. The RIGHTHAND BANNER is always in view so this guarantees plenty of exposure throughout the site.

If you are considering advertising with Passion Live you can either  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or fill in the contact form below. 

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